Wednesday, 30 March 2011

New theatre show for babies

I went to the Come Out Festival in Adelaide on the weekend for my own professional development.
I left the boys at home...  wow!  headspace! what a luxury! and that's another conversation.

One of the main reasons for being there was to see Sally Chance's new show,
This [Baby] Life.

A show for babies 4 months-18 months.
An extraordinary piece of theatre.

Sally had a fellowship and researched the cultural life of babies through dance for two years and this show is one outcome of her research.
The research is evident!
This was a carefully constructed, respectful, moving and entertaining piece of theatre for the tiny audience members and for the many adults in the room.

One of the highlights for me was watching the performers respond to three eggs that had been lovingly placed, put to bed on a pile of blankets by an attentive crawler.  The performers needed the blankets but through gentle, playful and funny interactions the eggs were respectfully left on the diminishing pile of blankets being lifted and re-placed by the performers, then settled again by the baby, over and over until the performers had all the blankets they needed and the baby was happy to leave the eggs to sleep and participate in the rest of the show!
We were all entranced by this interaction and the intelligence of the exchange between the performers and the baby.

Very exciting new theatre!

This [Baby] Life

This [Baby] Life

Sally Chance

Baby: “Woke up. Smiled. Called for my tall ones. Travelled. Arrived in yet another strange room. Heard music, saw dancing…many more smiles.”

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